LeAnn Erimli founded VOAssistant, a virtual assistant company, in June 1998 with the idea of utilizing cutting edge connectivity technologies to provide efficient, cost-effective administrative help remotely. Prior to that, she had been developing this unheard of concept and experimenting with a few select clients. Since then the idea of virtual assistance has become a common everyday concept.

Today, she continues to expand her knowledge through various training programs and courses.  She has added Online Business Manager to her skill set along with ever expanding technical knowledge needed to stay up-to-date with the online world.

The number one service requested from LeAnn is to “unhack” websites.  With her years of experience and her ability to learn technology quickly, LeAnn has rescued many websites from hackers and corrected coding errors.

For over 20 years, LeAnn has satisfied the administrative and technical needs of Silicon Valley successfully. She has worked and continues to work with mortgage bankers, human resources managers, organizational development consultants, national and international speakers, corporate trainers, software and hardware engineers, high level executives, psychiatrists and medical doctors as well as brick and mortar small business owners. She provides aid for both the S&P500 corporation and the individual contractor. With her wide ranging background, she comprehends the needs of both the large corporation and the small business including the individual contractor working from home. With the administrative skills and the technical know-how, VOAssistant offers you help whether in the USA or abroad.